AA-First Arctic Chill 98 Floorstanding Sale!

AA-First Arctic Chill 98 Floorstanding

Floorstanding Water Cooler

Only £4.68 per week.

  • High Capacity Direct Chill Chiller capacity: 30 ltr of below 12C chilled water/hour with Ambient capacity: virtually unlimited
  • Can be fitted with drip tray overflow kits & mains drainage
  • Fits our standard cowling and wall bracket
  • FloodGuard inlet solenoid protects the cooler against large scale flooding
  • HygienGuard Tap Protection to reduce hand to tap bacterial contamination
Dispensing Height: 

Impressive 23cm dispensing height


Dimensions: 1135 x 340 x 340

Weight: 25Kg

Also available as Table-top!

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