Bravilor HWA 40 Tabletop Sale!

Bravilor HWA 40 Tabletop

Tabletop Water Boiler

That your chosen product requires a 13 amp socket within 1m and a water supply within 3m of the cooler site. and drainage for fountains

Only £7.70 per week.

Large quantities of water (4 litres) quickly at the correct temperature. Thanks to the connection to the water mains, the machine is automatically filled with water. Cup or jug with hot water by pressing one button and variable quantity of hot water with the free-flow key.

Strong points

Large quantities of hot water quickly available Quantities easy to programme Indicator for descaling the machine The indicator lamp indicates when the content has reached the correct temperature Automatic level control


Choosing the right water filter can be confusing but we are here to help. Firstly you need to check our water hardness map below to see if you have soft, medium or hard water in your area.

Water Hardness Map

Once you have confirmed your water hardness, you can make an informed choice based on your postcode. In the dropdown menu above, each filter will tell you their capacity in Litres for the 3 different levels of hardness. Once a filter has exceeded it's capacity it will need replacing.

We sell a Flow Meter that can help you track how much water has passed through your filter, so that you know when it needs to be replaced.

Flow Meter



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