3M Scalegard Pro® P145BN-E Compact Filter Cartridge Sale!

3M Scalegard Pro® P145BN-E Compact Filter Cartridge

Water Filter


The capacity of a filter depends on your area's water hardness or PPM. Please find the guide values below to help you choose the correct filter. Click Here to view our water hardness map.

PPM: 140 Capacity: 2057 Litres

PPM: 180 Capacity: 1600 Litres

PPM: 210 Capacity: 1371 Litres

Features and Benefits:

  • Compact - fits into smaller places - easier to install
  • A disposable scale control system, designed to protect coffee and vending equipment from scale build up
  • Optimised for ph
  • Reduces energy inefficiency, product downtime and service call outs
  • Sanitary quick change cartridge means rapid change over, with no expertise or tools
  • Compact unit means filter can be mounted in a cabinet or off the floor

3M ScaleGard Pro® filters are designed to protect coffee machines, vending equipment and steamers from scale build up. They are designed to prevent hard scale formation in the heating coils that results in energy inefficiency, downtime and expensive service calls.



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